11 Trees That Needs a Lot of TLC

Good day, tree lovers! While we like trees and the benefits they provide, let’s speak about some tree species that can be somewhat of a hassle to have around.

  • Weeping Willow: The roots of weeping willows are infamous for being extremely thirsty and water-hungry.
  • Japanese maples: Are delicate and picky plants that require exactly the perfect amount of sunlight and shelter from inclement weather.
  • Birch trees: Are beautiful but they also need to be kept constantly hydrated and protected from pests.
  • Leyland Cypress: Their rapid growth has a negative side and necessitates routine maintenance.
  • Silver maple: Known for their invasive roots, they can seriously damage the plumbing on your home.
  • Sycamore: They need close observation because they are vulnerable to illnesses and insect infestations.
  • European Beech: These trees might be particular about the type of soil and soil moisture.
  • Bradford Pears: Careful pruning is necessary to prevent them from splitting during storms.
  • Red Maple: To ward off bugs and diseases, they frequently require pest management.
  • Southern Magnolia: It might be a persistent hassle to clean up after their leaves.
  • Cherry blossoms: Are lovely but they also draw unwanted bugs that can be a pain.

Don’t let the fact that these trees might need more care deter you! They can flourish and continue to improve your landscape with the right maintenance.

Have a question about these trees or need some help on how to take care of them? Post yours in the comments section below!

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